Welcome to my – News Splash

Artist Maree Davidson

Hi! I’m Maree Davidson – Welcome to my – News Splash!

Art is such a big part of my life – it is everything to me! My everyday life is filled with enjoyment and happiness because of it. Creating a new piece of work shows me a beautiful perspective of the bright and colourful world that we live in, the possibilities are endless. Art teaches me to embrace my creativity, bringing me inner peace and nurtures my love for nature and wildlife, which are my favourite subjects to paint.

For many years, I taught art to over 70 students by private tuition, but since then I have chosen to pursue being a professional self-employed artist. I have surrounded my entire life around art, as I am self-taught in Fine Art and also have a Diploma in Cartooning. I enjoy creating works that are unique, and I achieve this by combining my techniques that I have learned to create fresh, contemporary and fun art – “Happy Animal Art”. I am so lucky to be doing what I am truly passionate about – capturing some of the world’s happiness for all to enjoy.

In my News Splash, I want to share with you some of the latest splashes I have created with my paintbrush. I’ll be sharing stories about my collectors and how they love diving right in to decorate any setting with colour and fun – my funky, fresh and happy animals are especially popular! It is my hope that my News Splashes inspire and enlighten you to decorate your spaces – whether that be your home, office, nursery or business. I’m so excited to share my love of art and I hope you too develop same passion for art that I have. Please join me – jump in & make a splash! Let’s bring lots of colour and fun into the world.

Keep smiling!


Maree Davidson Art