Cows are Cooooooool

Artist Maree Davidson and her cow painting

Cupcake the Cow

Cows are Cooooooool, adding to her already quick growing collection.  In 2015, Maree placed Cupcake in a floppy rainbow sun hat and bringing to life the fun loving character and nature of this beautiful Jersey. Cupcake has also been created on a 120 x 90cm a museum quality red label fredrix/tara canvas using artist quality acrylic paints.

Field Trip

Early in 2016, Maree had the chance to meet some unique farm animals; Belted Galloways. After spending the day with these lovely fellows feeding them, cuddling them and seeing their funny, quirky and happy little personalities, the owners of these beautiful creatures asked Maree if she would be happy to commission them for her, which Maree excitedly accepted.

Maree Davidson Feeding Cows

Back to the Studio

By the time that Maree had arrived back to the studio, she had totally fallen in love with these cows, and by using a combination of her techniques Maree began to paint and tell a story about these beautiful miniature cows and their owner. It took a while to work out how to position them perfectly to capture each of their individual spirits, but once they were set in place it was a breeze to complete.

Maree Davidson Artist Cow Painting
Maree Davidson Artist Cow Painting
Maree Davidson Artist Cow Painting

Quick Pics from The Studio

After months of working on the design and discussing the little personalities with the owner’s, Maree went to her art studio. Using the 160 x 80cm fredrix/tara canvas with acrylic paints Maree went to work. After many months Maree was happy with the end result she had produced for her clients.

Cow Painting - Maree DAvidson Art

Maree’s Commission Painting’s New Home

Maree had the privilege of delivering these lovely miniature cows to their new home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. They now hang in pride of place in the entrance way of their owner’s beautiful miniature cattle stud farm.

Maree Davidson Art - Cows

Sculpture of Miniature Cows – Based on Maree’s Painting.

On our return to visit the Miniature Cow Cattle Stud, Maree and Peter were totally blown away with an amazing wooden sculpture that the owners had specially made to order based on Maree’s commission painting of her Happy Cows!

Maree Davidson Art