Green Sea Turtles – Great Barrier Reef Australia

Maree Davidson Artist Happy Together Painting

As a child, I was always creating underwater sea animal artwork to share with everyone. I’ve decided to embrace the inner child within me, and create some Green Sea Turtles that I used to visit at the Great Barrier Reef Australia when I was a child to share with everyone. During 2013, a lovely friend of mine, Stan, commissioned me to paint a turtle for his home. By this time, Stan had already collected a few of my pieces, so I was more than happy to add to his collection of my artwork.

I began painting straight away, using happy memories and the same gorgeous blue, aqua and turquoise colours that I enjoy so much, with the end results being “Shelby” and “Bubbles”. I included oodles of thick texture, as well as joy and fun in their eyes for Stan, and let him choose whichever one he liked… he chose both! The two paintings are now placed together on Stan’s wall in his home in Melbourne.

I have since created many more turtles to share, including “Under the Sea” and “Happy Together”, which have since gone to print. These look fantastic in so many mediums – my favourites being on canvas, matted print and, particularly, Acrylic Glass. It’s always exciting for me when I have customers throughout the world send me photos of their turtle art in their homes – some even match the artwork with their furniture and decor in their beach houses; ocean and beach themes with white washed and pretty blue accented furniture, throws and comfy cushions!

Maree Davidson Art