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Artwork Australia: What inspires Artist Maree Davidson

Artwork Australia: What inspires Artist Maree Davidson

Maree Davidson has been one of Australia’s favourite artists for many years. She has delighted Australian animals artworks and has earnt a loyal following.

In this article, Maree reveals for the first time how her artwork processing behind her extraordinary pieces. Our Artist Maree Davidson also opens up about what inspires her to create her artworks.

Process for Wall Art Prints

For Maree Davidson, art is about more than just aesthetics – It’s about connecting and carefully studying the subject in detail. To Maree Davidson, this connection is essential to her creative process.

“When I’m working with an animal, I’m not just thinking about how they look,” Maree said. “I’m also thinking about their personality, their mood, their energy. I want to capture that in my artwork.”

“Before every painting I spend days, even weeks researching the subject to understand the mechanics of how they move, how they live, how they express themselves. Then I look at what makes the animal unique. I exaggerate some features and use my fine art skills to re-create the animal’s fur and skin.”

“Once I do all this, the rest is easy. My creativity takes over and I get swept up in the artwork. I love this part, it takes me to another place, I am completely in my element,” Maree said.

“Art has always been a form of self-expression for me. It’s a way for me to process my thoughts and feelings. My art has evolved over the years from simple drawings to more complex artoworks. I enjoy exploring different mediums and styles. For me, art is a way to connect with my inner self and express what I’m feeling. It’s a therapeutic process and a form of self-care.”

“Even on my more challenging days, art is a source of light. It’s a way to escape and find beauty in the world. It’s a way to express myself and connect with other people.”

Maree’s Animal Artwork Inspiration

In a sometimes-challenging world, it can be refreshing to take a break and enjoy some light-hearted humour. And what better way to do that than by looking at paintings of funny and happy animals?

Whether they’re engaged in activities or simply making a funny face, these animal paintings are sure to bring a smile to your face.

“Painting funny and happy animals is a great way to make people smile,” said Maree. “Everyone loves to see a cute animal, and when they’re painted in a comical way, it’s even better.”

“It’s a fun way to brighten someone’s day, I find it hilarious when people find a connection to themselves or one of their friends or pets in my artworks.”

“Those 3 cheeky monkeys remind me of my kids,” I’ve heard people remark.
Or “that looks exactly like my childhood pet!”

“Whether it’s painting a dog with a big smile or a cat with an amusing expression, it evokes emotions in people and makes them laugh.”

In a world that is far from perfect, it can be a real breath of fresh air to see paintings of animals that are funny and cheery. These paintings can remind us of the simple joys in life that we so often take for granted. They can also help us to appreciate the innocence and playfulness of animals, something that we can all learn from.

Canvas Print Brisbane: Maree’s Everyday Inspiration

Maree Davidson finds inspiration in everyday moments and incorporates that into her animal characters.
“A child’s smile, a mother’s love, the wisdom of a grandfather, a person’s style or swagger!” said Maree.
“Even my grandchildren’s expressions and mischievous looks inspire me.”
“Inspiration is all around us, if we just take the time to look.”
By capturing these simple yet profound moments in her artworks, Maree Davidson hopes to remind us of what it means to be alive – to feel joy, love, pain, loss, and hope. Whether it be human or animal.

Artwork Australia: What inspires Artist Maree Davidson

Maree Davidson’s explanation of her process and inspiration’s is both enlightening and fascinating. 

A great deal of thought and emotion goes into each of her paintings. Maree Davidson‘s artwork in Australia is truly original and inspiring.

For more information on Maree Davidson’s artworks, including her early days at school and her career highlights, check out her story here.

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